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.............Meet Mayra Calvani

.............Mayra thanks for stopping by and sharing your books and yourself with us.

Mayra Calvani loves writing for children and adults. She's a regular contributor to Blogcritics Magazine and the Latino Books Examiner for Examiner.com. She also writes freelance articles for Demand Studios. Her nonfiction work, The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing, recently won a ForeWord Best Book of the Year Award. She's the author of 4 children's picture books with several more coming up in 2010, as well as 3 books for adults. She lives in Belgium with her husband, two children and her amazing dog, Amigo.

Tell us about your children’s book,  The Magic Violin

The Magic Violin is set in the late 1800’s in Brussels, Belgium and combines elements of reality and magic. It is the story of a young girl who is learning the violin and who suffers a lack of self confidence along the way. But with the help of her Romanian teacher (who happens to be a good witch!), a virtuoso Russian hamster and a shooting Christmas star, she’s able to regain her self trust and succeed.

What was your inspiration for this story?

My young daughter and I both started playing the violin about five years ago, so I know very well how difficult it can be at times, especially when learning a new piece. The violin is a very difficult instrument to master, requiring lots of discipline, perseverance and commitment, and this can be hard for a child at times. My love for the violin and watching my daughter play were my inspiration for the story. I wanted to create a tale which would be fun and magical, yet one which would encourage children and teach them about self esteem at the same time.

When did you start writing children’s books?

Though I have been writing most of my adult life, I started writing for children less than three years ago. It’s a wonderful new world and I still have a lot to learn, but the world of children’s books is both challenging and deeply satisfying.

You also write adult fiction, including horror. What goes through your mind when writing such different genres?

I’m often asked that question, but I don’t see any conflict in switching genres. I’m just a multi-genre, multi-faceted person who is inspired by many things and who feels the need to bring those ideas to life. I don’t think I could ever write in only one genre, as many authors are able to. For me, it would feel claustrophobic! I simply write what I love and I love paranormal, suspense, satire, mystery, modern fantasy, literary, romantic comedy, children’s, and young adult.

Do you have a website where readers may learn more about you and your books?

My children’s book website is http://mayrassecretbookcase.com/

My blog is http://mayrassecretbookcase.blogspot.com/

Any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?

Never give up, study the craft, read a lot, find a support group—above all, write, write, write!

Watch The Magic Violin


  1. Mayra must be an amazing person to be able to write so many different things. Her children's book sounds like one lots of kids will enjoy.

  2. I love the cover of Mayra's book. What a way to encourage music in youngsters, too.

  3. The trailer is wonderful. You really ought to take a look.

  4. Mayra, The Magic Violin looks wonderful--great cover.

    I have your reviewing book on my to get list!

  5. My husband plays the violin, and I love it too. Your book is a wonderful way to encourage kids to learn about music.

  6. Sorry for showing up so late--my son has been ill since Friday!

    Thank you so much for hosting me and for your sweet comments. I appreciate it!

    Glad you enjoyed the trailer. I love the music and Kim Chatel did a great job.

    Thanks for your wish to get my book, Karen! :-)

  7. Dear Martha,

    I forgot to sat that your kids books look just darling!

  8. Thanks Mayra. It was a joy hosting you today.

  9. My daughter wants to play the violin. I'm ordering an autographed copy for her. Looking forward to receiving it and sitting down to read it with her.

    Stephen Tremp

  10. The trailer was AMAZING! What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing, Mayra and Martha!

    All best wishes,


  11. Mayra, I think it is awesome that you write so many different things! A writer needs to keep that creative brain busy! :)

    Best of luck on your projects!

    Thanks, Martha, for a great interview!


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